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New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Office of Victim Assistance

"Register with NYS DOCCS OVA for Post-Conviction Notification. Registration will provide PB notification and victim impact statement options. OVA is responsible for processing written and audio/DVD impact statements and scheduling in-person victim impact meetings with a Board of Parole Commissioner for qualified individuals. Other notifications include: parole results, time computation and board date changes, notice of medical parole interview or De Novo interview, assigned Community Supervision Area Office contact information, final release notification, and notice of return under same DIN. Upon request OVA can obtain parole transcripts and release photos. OVA facilitates Victim Offender Dialogues for victims who
have a need to meet with the incarcerated individual to obtain much needed answers. OVA provides information in regards to restitution collection, can assist victims in applying for or re-opening a CV compensation claim for reimbursement of qualifying services and losses, assists with safety planning and provides referrals for services within ones own community. Anyone subjected to unwanted contact from an incarcerated individual should contact OVA for assistance.
**It is the responsibility of the registrant to ensure they submit a change.
in address when they relocate in order to receive notification. Survivors and their family members are encouraged to call 1-800-783-6059 to ask any questions regarding post-conviction matters. For electronic registration: https://publicapps.doccs.ny.gov/DOCCSWebVictimNotification.aspx"
  • 1220 Washington Avenue
    Albany, NY 12206

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